Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Blog Site

With the new addition to our family, we have moved blog addresses. Please visit us at

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Mase!

Mason celebrated his second birthday last weekend. He had a fancy Mickey Mouse cake.

Mason's family and friends who came to his party.

Since there's about a week away from baby sister's due date, Po Po started staying over in case Mommy goes into labor in the middle of the night. K loves Po Po and is really attached to her. K continues to wake up in the middle of the night and cries for Mommy. She probably knows change is coming. 

In her big girl's bed K does not like going under the covers and if Daddy puts a blanket on top of her, she will kick it off. She also sleeps side ways in her bed. This is how she slept tonight. Mommy doesn't see how that can be comfortable!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Girl's Bed

With baby sister's due date less than a month away it was time to transition K from her crib to a twin bed. Here was her room with the crib.

And here is her room now with her new big girl's bed. K picked out her own sheets and duvet cover. She decided on stars.

The first night when K slept in the twin bed she was really excited.  She got in and out of her bed at least 10 times before going to sleep. She realized all the freedom she had and it became a game to her to climb out. This happened for a few nights. It got to the point she ended up having to get a time out if she climbed out.  She wakes up at 5am each morning and opens Mommy and Daddy's door. Mommy ends up sleeping with K in the guest room. It's too challenging to sleep on her floor now that Mommy is so big and wait for her to fall back asleep and K does not want to sleep with Daddy. Wish Daddy and Mommy luck when the baby comes if K continues to wake up!

It's been a week and she still climbs out, but it has decreased to 2-3 times before falling asleep. Hopefully the novelty wears off soon. She has found a companion to sleep with and made room for Pooh Bear. He even has his own pillow and she makes sure he has some blankie, so he won't be cold.

Over the weekend was Uncle Pete's birthday. For dessert Uncle Peter requested milkshakes. Courtney and K had strawberry ice-cream at the Creamery in Palo Alto. Can you tell how happy the girls were to eat ice cream!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Let's Get Fit!

Tuesdays is Fitness class. Now that Mommy is on maternity leave, she was able to watch what goes on during class. Coach Jesse is really good with the kids.

Coach Jesse had the kids warm up by doing jumping jacks.

K was really happy that Mommy could come and watch her and flashed Mommy a big smile.

One of the activities was to to find the keys under the blue cones.

When the whistle was blown, all the kids ran and looked for the keys. The rules were no kicking the cones and no crying if one child finds it before another.

Every 6 weeks a different sport is played. This time around was baseball. K has played volleyball, basketball, track and field so far. One of the exercises for baseball was to practice pitching or throwing. The kids took the balls and threw them into the net. Mommy's phone died, but the kids also got to run around the bases and experienced T-ball.

After fitness class, Mommy stuck around and watched K play in the yard. One of K's favorite things is going down the swirly pole.

She was really helpful in picking up the big blocks and assisting the teachers to put them away when it was time to clean up.

Teacher C taught the kids how to make play dough.

K really loves school and always has a grand old time with her friends.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

On New Year's Eve, K went to the San Carlos Aviation Museum. They had a bunch of activities for kids to celebrate the New Year.

 At noon there was a balloon drop.

Daddy helped K catch a balloon amongst all the madness. K pretended she was blowing the balloon herself.

Last weekend K celebrated Leah's second birthday at CuriOdyssey.

Tyler and Aiden were there too. The three kiddies walked around the wildlife center and saw some otters, vultures and snakes.

K's favorite exhibit at the museum was the wind tunnel. She put the foam shapes through the tunnel.

Then watched them float up to the top and fall to the ground.

Sunday after swimming was breakfast at Millbrae Pancake House. Daddy, Uncle Wil, Josh and Aunt Suzy showed off their 49er spirit. Afterwards K watched the game at Uncle Peter and Auntie Ali's house. Everyone was happy the niners won and are going to the playoffs!

Everyday K has been playing with her Christmas gift- magnatiles. She loves to build tall towers. Come over and see how much fun they are!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Break Outings

Daddy and Mommy's company was shutdown between Christmas and New Year's, so K was also off from school. She went on many different outings and play dates during her break. The first was hot pot at Uncle Ryan and Auntie Sophy's house. This was Daddy's group of friends from high school.

17 years later the guys are all grown up and are now daddies. Some of the kids were not too thrilled to have their picture taken.

It was even more funny to try to have the kids sit by themselves and cooperate to take another picture.

K invited Aiden to Happy Hallow. It was his first time. He had so much fun that Auntie Caroline ended up buying a membership there.

This time at the park, K wanted to ride on the cars. If you may recall the first time she rode on it, she tried to get out and the attendant kept asking her to sit down. She has not ridden the cars since. This time around she loved it and asked to go on it again.

She also sat still and wanted to watch the puppet show. Mommy thinks K is growing up and it's fun to watch her change.

Lastly she was brave enough to go up to the goat and touch it. Usually, she always has to be held and likes to see the goat from Daddy's arms.

 K had a play date with Ava and Ethan at Super Franks.

Both K and Ava loved to color at the children's table.

Over break K got a haircut. She is growing out her bangs, so she just trimmed the length of her hair. She didn't want to sit on the chair by herself, so she sat on Daddy's lap.

After cutting her hair, Auntie Mai invited K to dinner at a yummy Mediterranean restaurant called Hummus.

K didn't get a chance to give Mason his gift before Christmas, so she made a visit to drop it off.  K always enjoys Mason's big play room filled with toys.

K has been spending time at the park hanging from the monkey bars. After holding for a few seconds, she said "that was hard work!"

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus!

The Oakland Zoo had a special event called Zoo Lights. The whole park was lit up with Christmas Lights. K and Ashley checked it out.

K asked where all the animals were. They were probably sleeping, but there were many animals made out of lights.

On Christmas Eve, Daddy's side of the family came over. K gave Aiden a train track set. They were both in awe when Aiden opened his gift.

K got a new Hello Kitty book with figurines. She wanted to read it right away.

Christmas morning K opened a few of her presents. This year she understood the concept and enjoyed tearing the paper and seeing what was inside. She is thankful for all the generous gifts she received from her family and friends.

K made Daddy and Mommy a gift at school. She painted a big coffee filter and used it as wrapping.

Inside was an ornament with K's picture and her hand print.
Christmas dinner was at Po Po and Gung Gung's house. Great Grandpa flew in from San Diego which was a special treat. Here's the annual family picture on the stairs.

And one with just the kids.

Auntie Suzy got K a crib for her baby doll and explained how to assemble it. K loved her gift and rocks her baby in the crib every day.

Baby #2 even got her first Christmas gift. Auntie Gabby got this adorable onesie for her.