Thursday, September 26, 2013

Joys of Being a Kid

Teacher C saved some pics for Mommy to show what K does in younger preschool. The kids have many art projects for example gluing flowers onto coffee filters to make a collage.

Painting is a favorite among the kids. K enjoys painting with a brush but refuses finger painting.

The kids mix cornstarch and water to make some dough. K has practice mixing from helping mix pancake batter at home.

The teachers say K is good at identifying letters. She likes playing on the keyboard and saying the letters out loud.

Z is K's bff. They are inseparable. They both are so excited to see each other once they get to school and walk hand in hand.

But they also tend to fight a lot too. Mommy thinks they have a love/hate relationship.

K is showing Z how to put a baby to sleep by patting the baby's back.

Last month the toddlers learned about modes of transportation such as the train. Here they are using their imagination and pretending to be on a choo choo train.

In the yard, they also practice balancing while walking across the blocks. Being a kid looks so much fun!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Volunteering at Circle Time

Mommy signed up to read a story to K's class during circle time. Teacher C said the kids really liked the Llama Llama series so, Mommy read Llama Llama Home With Mama.

 Teacher D took some pictures during story time.

K was so happy to have Mommy stay in her classroom in the morning. She wanted to sit by Mommy during story time.

Mommy enjoyed starting the day off in K's classroom. It was more fun than being at work. Mommy got a nice note from the class thanking her for coming to read to them.  Hope there are more volunteer opportunities in the future!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

San Diego Adventures

K took a family vacation to San Diego. Po Po and Gung Gung came too!  She was excited to ride on an airplane again. She is now officially a paying customer. She fell asleep on both flights. She must find the sounds of the plane soothing.

K headed straight to the pool after checking into the hotel. The pool was too cold, so she went into the jacuzzi with Daddy. She practiced her back float and kicking.

Dinner the first night was at Roy's. K loved the butterfish and of course the lava cake souffle.

During the trip, K went to many parks. Three parks in three days! The first one was Legoland.

Auntie Jill was so nice to take the day off to spend with us while Po Po and Gung Gung went to visit family.

It was Mommy and Daddy's first time at Legoland too. It was pretty cool to see all the things made out of Legos. There were rides perfect for K's age like this boat. She also liked the little train.

K spent a lot of time at the Duplo area. She shot water at the big blocks.

The Star Wars X-Wing Fighter on display is the biggest Lego exhibit in the world. It is made out of over 7 million Legos and an employee guarded the exhibit at all times.

K saw the letter K on the ground and said "K for me!"

The second park was the San Diego Zoo. If you haven't been here- this zoo is huge! K spent the entire day from open to close at the park and was able to see most of the animals.  K wanted to hold Po Po and Gung Gung's hand when she walked and wanted them to swing her.

The most popular attraction was the panda bears. This panda bear is 20 plus years old.

There was a line to see the cute bear, but Mommy managed to snap a picture with K, Po Po and the panda.

K's favorite animal was the giraffes. She spent over 20 minutes observing them. She was fascinated by the baby giraffe who was 4 months old at 6 feet tall and the parents stood tall at 19 feet.

The last park was Sea World. Mommy prefers Marine World a lot more. There was a Sesame Street themed play area and guess who came out to perform- Ernie, Cookie Monster, Zoe and K's favorite Elmo. When it came time to get up close to the characters to take pictures, she was really shy and scared. Mommy realized K is scared of life size characters but likes them from afar.

K was not too interested in the other animal shows, but sat through One Ocean, featuring Shamu. It probably wasn't a good idea to start off with the Sesame Street show since K asked to go back and watch them.  Daddy told her Elmo and friends were eating lunch and taking a nap.

She sat on the spinning tea cups featuring Abby Cadaby and rode it a total of 5 times. Good thing Daddy didn't lose his breakfast.

During the trip K also got a chance to visit great grandpa. She had dinner with him two nights. He was so happy she came down to visit him.

San Diego was so much fun! Thanks to Auntie Jill for hanging out with us and Po Po and Gung Gung for holding K when she was to lazy to walk.  It was great to spend time with K!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summertime Fun

This past weekend was a gorgeous day in the Bay Area. The bridge was so clear with no fog. K ventured to Sausalito to spend the day at the Children's Museum.

It was her first time and she had a blast playing outdoors and exploring the activities in each of the different rooms. She found fishes in the water.

She played some tunes on the xylophone. K will definitely come back one day. She didn't want to leave.

K looks forward to her swimming class on the weekends All the students wear goggles in the water. She refused at first, but Daddy took her to target to pick her own pair and now she wants to wear them all the time especially when it's bath/shower time at home.

K doesn't usually have her hair up for more than 10 minutes, but when Auntie Annie asked K to put her hair in pigtails, K gladly agreed to keep it on. It's funny how kids will make things easier for others besides their own parents. She is so vain and wanted to check it out in the mirror.

Mommy got a picture of her new hair do while she was eating some ice cream.

At Ashley's house there is a swinging ball. At the beginning K had to keep her balance to stay on.

But she got the hang of it pretty fast.

E celebrated his 12th birthday. Can't believe he will be a teenager next year!!