Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was a busy one. Friday night K had dinner with Coco at Uncle Larry's restaurant. The two crazy girls danced to Kate Perry outside the restaurant. Coco even knows the words!

Saturday morning was Hannah's 3rd birthday. As you may recall, Hannah use to be in K's class but transitioned once she turned 3. It was nice of her daddy to invite K. H's Daddy says H will sometimes still bring up K's name. The birthday girl herself....

There was a guitarist that sang popular kid songs. The kids got to play instruments during the activity.

After Hannah's party it was off to Chases' celebration. C's dad and daddy have know each other since high school. The party was a superhero theme. The kids could design their own capes. K decided to put the letter K and L on hers since those letters are in her name.

K met a friend named Allie at the party and they stuck together like glue. Allie helped K put on her cape.

Here is the final product. K told Mommy this was her costume. Mommy could have saved money buying a Halloween costume.

The two girls had such a good time together, when it was time to go home, Allie told K "Remember to meet me at the park by my house!"

Happy first birthday Chase! Your party was so much fun!

Sunday it was the time of year again for the annual family bbq. Each year the bbq gets bigger with the growing familes and number of kids. Thanks to Auntie Kristine for the planning, prepping and cooking of the food!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hanging with Friends

Daddy celebrated Auntie Christine and Uncle Ryan's wedding. Mommy stayed home with K and had a playdate with Auntie Lilian and her kids. K was really fascinated by baby Luke. He's 6 months. She loved to pat his head. She was concerned when he was crying and gave him her toys to play with.

The kids walked to 2 nearby parks. James let K ride his scooter and she let him try her trike. They both went up and down the cul de sac. She had so much fun on the scooter, Mommy is thinking of getting her one if she is a good girl.

Thanks for bringing the boys to visit Auntie Lilian. Always great to see you guys!

That night K was entertained by putting all the cushions down on the couch and crawled across them.

On Sunday K met her friend, Emma at the San Carlos art and wine festival.  E's little brother was napping in the carrier. K also ran into her bestie Z at school.

A couple of weeks ago Coco and K visited Happy Hallow. These two sure got their money's worth on the membership.

This is K's primary teacher. She says K is so sweet and loving in the classroom. Why are kids so well behaved at school and not at home? They just like to give their parents a hard time!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Field Trip & Tilden Park

K went on her first field trip to Lemos farm. Mommy and Daddy took the day off to chaperone her. It was nice the whole farm was only open to K's school, so there were a lot of familiar faces.

All the girls from K's class stuck together.

K and Z showed off their muscles seeing who could carry the biggest pumpkin.

 K and Chole rode the train with the daddies. It was so much fun they rode it a total of 3 times.

K wanted to ride the pony. Mommy wasn't sure when it was K's turn would she actually sit on the horse. Sure enough when K got to the front of the line she was starting to change her mind, but Mommy asked K to try anyways and she liked it. No tears at all, but she was really focused throughout the ride. When she got to school the next day she told everyone she rode a horse!

There was a hay ride, but Mommy thought it was a little prickly to sit on.

K and Z didn't seem to mind at all.

After the farm Daddy had booked reservations to Sam's Chowder House. To kill some time before dinner, K went to the beach. She shoveled sand into her bucket. It was a pretty warm day.

On Sunday, K and Ashley had a playdate at Tilden Park.  Ashely just woke up from a nap in the car and K was waiting for the train to arrive.

All aboard!

There was a merry-go round at the park. This time K didn't want Daddy to stand next to her. She told him to ride his own horse! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Family First

K is very fortunate to have family that live nearby. They have helped out a lot and we feel so blessed. Last weekend K celebrated Po Po's birthday.

Ashley and K will grow up together since they are so close in age. Ashely is starting to imitate what K says and does. It's good practice for when K becomes a big sister.

Four generations featured in this picture.

Happy Birthday Po Po!

Mommy wanted a mother/daughter pic with her girl!

Aiden has moved back from New Hampshire to CA. That means more play dates for K with her younger cousin.

In other news, K was super cranky 2 weeks ago. Her bottom molar came in. She complained her tongue hurt, but it was really her gums. She didn't eat for 3 days not even ice-cream. Since K was feeling miserable, Mommy let her watch tv on the bed.

K has been fascinated by letters. Whenever she sees letters on Mommy or Daddy's shirt, signs in the street or letters on buildings or restaurants- she will like to say each letter to Mommy.

She has also began negotiating. When Mommy says she can have 1 more snack, she will ask "How about two or three more." Bribery does work with her, but she definitely negotiates and knows what she wants.