Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinner Parties

Saturday was the grand opening party of Scribble Me Happy. The art studio is co-owned by Uncle Dave's cousin, Stacey and Auntie Mika's friend. What a small world!

K sat at the kid's table and stamped a birthday card and colored it with crayon.

After her hard work, she wanted a sip of Auntie Betty's iced coffee.

She met a new friend Max who let her watch and play on his ipad. Uncle Dave said Max never shares his ipad or let's anyone touch his ipad. Max must really like K.

Baby Auymi joined the party later in the afternoon. She is now 7 weeks old.

Before going home Daddy went on a Jamba run to use his buy one get one free coupon. Lucky for K that meant she got her own cup. Mommy learned Jamba carries cups for kids.

After the art studio K came home and took a nap. When she woke up Mommy's side of the family came over. The cousins brought their skateboard and K rode in her car around the lagoon.

Here is great grandma with most of her grandkids (minus Derek and Michelle) and great grand baby.
K wasn't cooperating and kept trying to slide down during the picture.

But we eventually convinced her to sit still and flash a smile.

At dinner K tried feeding Ashley with her spoon. Ashley loves eating. Her mommy said she can eat anything in sight!

On Sunday Uncle Johnny and Uncle Brian came over. They helped paint K's bedroom and the guest bedroom, so Daddy wanted to repay them by making them dinner. Uncle Brian had fun playing with K. He made K laugh a lot.

Uncle Johnny's sons, Landon (left) and Emry (middle) and Auntie Faith came over too. Emry was a sweetheart and wanted to take care of K. He would pretend to cook K dinner with her toys and serve it to her.

The boys brought over an Etch a Sketch and K loved scribbling on it. She laid on the floor and was quite entertained.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Yummy Yum Yum

Now that K is almost 15 months old, she is becoming more independent each day especially when it comes to meal time. She wants to feed herself.  She even wants to use an adult spoon and when something is hot, she knows to blow on it first before putting in her mouth.

She was happy when she was able to scoop the food onto her spoon. She focused hard not to drop the food and have it reach her mouth.

The faster method was put the bowl to the mouth and eat away. Her favorite food is hands down fruit, but also loves broccoli, noodles, oatmeal and tofu. Mommy wonders if she is a vegetarian since she doesn't eat that much meat.

K has been practicing drinking from a cup. She's trying so hard to drink the water, you can't even see her eyes or face.

Now we can see her. Since she hasn't mastered the skill of drinking from the cup yet, water can spill on her neck and body.

K got this over sized bib as a gift and now may be the time to pull it out and use it! She is thinking what the heck is this thing!?

Laura, Lolita's helper from daycare sent some pictures of K to Mommy. K loves raw tomatoes and cucumbers.

Last week was Avery's birthday and she brought in cupcakes to celebrate. Lolita said, don't worry K did not eat the whole cupcake and get sugar high! K didn't like the frosting or the cupcake.  She hated having frosting on her fingers. She is definitely Mommy's kid. Mommy is OCD and hates getting dirty.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quality Time With The Grandparents

Po Po and Gung Gung babysat K while Mommy and Daddy attended a wedding. Before her grandparents arrived, K made sure the house was spic and span by dusting.

She was ready to go out and play. She tried putting on her own shoe.

That didn't work, so her second attempt was to put the shoe down and slip it on. She eventually got help from Mommy.

Once her shoe was on, she went to the backyard to kick the ball with Gung Gung. Gung Gung use to be a soccer player in his college days.

K tried bouncing the ball too.

After taking a break from playing in the backyard, K practiced using a pen.

The next day we celebrated Gung Gung's birthday.

At dinner, Uncle Derek fed K some soup.

Thanks Po Po and Gung Gung for watching K! She enjoyed spending time with you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rock-A-Bye Lamb

When Mommy was gone for a business trip in Minneapolis, K face timed with Mommy.

Mommy got K a gift from the airport. Mommy couldn't resist. The lamb was so soft and had the cutest eyes. K gave the lamb a big kiss when she saw him.

K treated her lamb like her little baby and rocked him. She also tried shushing lamb to sleep.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pier 33

K's second cousins, Julia and Nicolas come back to the Bay Area every summer for a month from Japan. We all got together last weekend to eat brunch at Butterfly at Pier 33. Nicholas grew his hair out. He said it's the style in Japan for boys to have long hair

During lunch Nicholas thought it would be funny to put his hat on K while she was coloring.

The two tables were divided amongst the adult's side and the kid's side.

K looked over the menu with Po Po to decide what she wanted to eat for dessert.
She decided on lychee shaved ice with almond tofu and fruit which she shared with Po Po and Aunt Vandy. She also got to try wagyu beef at lunch.

After lunch the cousins took K for a walk around the pier. They walked hand in hand.

 Nicholas brought his skateboard and wanted K to try standing on it. This proved to be a little dangerous.

So the cousins instead gave K a lift by holding her.

K was pretty tired after all the fun she had at the pier. She took a nap in the car. To kill some time before dinner in the city, K headed to the Academy of Science. Mommy also wanted to get her money's worth since she bought a pass to the Academy last August.  The lines were not extremely long, so K ventured into the rainforest. She saw huge butterflies. Can you see the butterfly flying by Daddy's chest area? 

 A new exhibit we saw was baby ostrichs that were 19 weeks old.

Anytime there were a flight of stairs, K wanted to walk up like a big girl.

On the living roof, a nice bystander asked if we wanted a family picture.

On Saturday, K had a play date at Tristan's house. Court and Emi were there too. Here's a picture courtesy of Auntie Lauren's camera.

While the kids played together, K was more interested in hanging out with Uncle Joe as you can see from this video. When it was time to leave, Mommy had to pry K out of Uncle Joe's arms.  She didn't want to go. She just had way too much fun! Auntie Lauren joked and said no woman has loved Uncle Joe that way before.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Out And About

Daddy and Mommy's two year anniversary was last week. K celebrated with her parents by going to dinner at Crepevine in Burlingame. She ate outside in the patio area and had fun people watching and seeing the doggies that passed by. The day after, while K was in daycare, Mommy and Daddy took the day off and went on a date to eat a grown up lunch.

In Burlingame, Daddy spotted a Lamborghini. If you look closely there's even a car seat in the front seat! Hope Daddy doesn't get any ideas!

Auntie Ange emailed Daddy some pictures from baby Leah's red egg ginger party. Here's one of Auntie Ange. She lives in Texas right now.

This is Baby Tyler. He's 4 months old. K is leaning in for kiss from him. Don't think Daddy is too happy with that!

Uncle Ted has been friends with Daddy since high school. He works in Texas as a doctor in the Airforce.

Mommy is going to Minneapolis for a couple of days for a conference. K will have quality time with Daddy. Grandma is coming to cook Daddy food and help out. Mommy will post pics from this past weekend at the pier when she returns!