Sunday, September 30, 2012

Times Of A Toddler

K does not say too many words but she sure does babble.

Uncle Dan took this video and uploaded it. You can see just how active K is. She can also point to her nose, fingers, toes and belly button.

During K's down time, she really knows how to kick up her feet and relax.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Busy Busy Weekend

Ashley celebrated her first birthday at great grandma's house. It's hard to believe you are one already Ashley!! We love you!

Great Grandma cooked chicken and corn soup. Ethan had a small bowl before lunch and the girls surrounded him for a bite. Ashley said, hey what about me?

K got her own bowl and enjoyed it by herself at the kid's table.

While K took a nap, Mommy went to Ava's baptism at St. Anne's Church in Union City. Mommy is so honored to be Ava's godmother. Ava did so well during the ceremony. She let anyone hold her and always had big smiles for the camera. Auntie Jenn calls her the angel baby!

All of Ava's family and her godparents...

Po Po and Gong Gong were so nice to watch K while Mommy and Daddy went to Auntie Aimee and Uncle Ryan's wedding. Auntie Aimee has worked with Daddy for over 8 years! She was such a beautiful bride. Their reception was at a private country club in San Mateo. 

 Sunday was Auntie Mai and Uncle Brian's baby shower. They are expecting a boy in November.  Auntie Ali made the cute welcome pennant.

K can't wait to meet her new playmate!

 The theme of the shower was safari animals. The cupcakes matched the invitation design perfectly.

Emma was such a good friend. She brought strawberries as a snack and shared it with K.

K tried to thank her by giving her a kiss.

One of the shower games was to dress a teddy bear in a onesie, cloth diaper, hat and bib. Most of the daddies were not use to putting on a cloth diaper, so it was a first time. Uncle Mike was the big winner.

K loved playing with Uncle Brian. She would follow him everywhere and her face would light up whenever she saw him. Uncle Brian is going to be a great dad! In this picture, K is putting on her excited/silly face since she's with Uncle Brian.

After the party, K met Uncle Derek and Aunt Gabby for dinner at Santa Ramen. They got there early and waited in line. Usually there is a long line before the restaurant even opens.

K tried pork flavored ramen with corn and napa cabbage. She loved it and would use sign language to say "more" which she learned from school. She can also sign "all done!"

These days K is getting into everything. Mommy turned her head for one second and this is what she found. K dragged the toilet paper all the way from the bathroom through the master bedroom into the hallway. Mommy can't help but laugh and also sigh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing The Guitar

Over the weekend, Mommy and K had some fun while Daddy was out of town. We visited Ethan. He's been taking guitar lesson with Uncle Derek's old guitar. K got a lesson of her own from Ethan on how to use a pick and make sounds.

At night we celebrated Auntie Diane's bday at R & G lounge. Mommy loves this place! Daddy threw Mommy her 30th surprise party there. The restaurant is famous for their deep fried crab.
Happy birthday Auntie Diane! Sorry the picture is blurry!

 K tried shark fin soup and loved it. Of course it's the most expensive thing on the menu that night.

Mommy and K stayed over Po Po and Gong Gong's house since Mommy and Auntie Lilian had some quality girl time the next day. They went to a tea house in Fremont and ran into Krisit Yamaguchi and was completely star struck. Auntie Lilian asked to take a picture with the famous skater. Kristi hasn't aged one bit and is such a sweet lady.

K had her own fun. Ironically Ashely is 4 months younger than K and pushed her. Ashley can't walk yet but maybe is trying to use K as her walker!

K returns the favor to give her a ride, but was not as generous!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miserable Car Rides

From the time K was a newborn she was never a fan of the car seat. At 4 months it go better but once she started crawling she hated it even more. Daddy has asked Dr. Mason about it and he said K doesn't like being confined and wants to be free and explore which is probably true since she doesn't like the stroller, ergo, swing or high chair in restaurants. Forward facing didn't make a difference either. Some days are better than others. Books, videos, snacks, singing and toys can occupy and keep her distracted for a little while, but generally she has big tears. When Mommy gets K out of the car, her head and clothes are drenched in sweat. Mommy has even pulled over a couple and tried to calm K down since it breaks Mommy's heart and it's pretty stressful. So for now, no long road trips in the near future! Mommy hopes one day this will end!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hawaiian Family Vacation

Aloha! K has returned from her first family vacation to Hawaii. Mommy has been traveling on business, so it's been awhile since she updated the blog. But she's back and can recap the trip. The day before we left K wanted to help Mommy pack.

It was K's first time sitting on an airplane. On both flights the plane was not full, so K got a seat all to herself. She had fun playing with her new etch-a-sketch.

She even got a whole row to herself and was able to take a nice long nap lying down. What a lucky girl! She did really good for the most part, but 3 hours into the flight, she did want to go up and down the isles. She would touch the other passengers. Three people held her and played with K. Mommy is not sure if it's a good thing that K is so friendly.

Family picture on the main lobby floor of our hotel.

The beach was K's favorite part of the trip. The water was so beautiful and blue at Hapuna beach. She loved shoving sand into her bucket.

Can you tell how happy she is?

She enjoyed being in the pool too. Daddy bought a float at the ABC store for K to sit in. It only cost 70 cents to pump it with air! Much faster than having Daddy blow it up himself.

K practiced her kicking in the pool. Her swimming lessons really paid off! She is comfortable in the water.

We also went to another beach that Mommy can't remember the name of and saw baby sea turtles.  K learned how to say "turtle" on this trip. Daddy didn't want to stand too close since they are endangered and there were signs that said do not disturb the turtles.

Other animals K saw for the first time were dolphins. We took a tram ride around the Hilton to see them. We came at a good time since the trainers were making the dolphins do tricks of talking.

Our hotel was really close to Queen and King's market. It was convenient to pick up snacks. K liked spam musubi. Mommy didn't let her eat the whole thing since it was way too salty. Mommy discovered that K has a palate for fish! She tried Mahi Mahi, salmon, and butterfish during various dinners. She would always say "more" "more" whenever fish was served.

At the market place there was a koi pond. K followed the fish as they swim by her.

For breakfast, we tried banana macadamia nut pancakes at Island Lava Java.  Thanks for the recommendation Auntie Ali! We sat outdoors and there was a musician who K was totally mesmerized by. She danced in her seat to his tunes.

She got out of her high chair and danced some more.

This was the view from hotel. We were able to see the sunset on our last night.

Traveling with a baby is definitely not an easy task, but we had fun. Hawaii-we will miss you!