Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family and Friends

K spent another weekend with family and friends. Mason and his parents came to visit on Saturday. K climbed onto Uncle Ken's lap so he can read her a book and Mason got to enjoy her favorite book as well.

Auntie Becca brought over a gift. K is modeling her new shades.

Thanks Auntie Lauren for the purple shirt too! K wants to wear it on a date with Tristan.

K and Mason also took a shopping trip with their parents. Mason was a good boy and stayed in the carrier. K on the other hand only lasted for 10 minutes. Mommy tried to entice her to stay in longer by giving her a stuffed dog to hold. K loves dogs and can say woof woof.

At the store we were pleasantly surprised to run into cousin Christian, Josh and their parents.

On Sunday, Daddy's side of the family came over to celebrate Grandma's birthday and Father's Day. Uncle Richard brought over San Tungs and K loved the dumplings!

K hadn't seen her grandparents since her birthday, so they were extremely happy to see her.

These days K loves pressing the buttons on computers. Actually she loves any type of buttons especially on remotes, calculators and cell phones.

K hopes to see everyone soon. Come visit!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, K got Daddy G.I Joe figures. Before K was born, Daddy had to give up his man cave at the old condo to convert the room into a nursery which included selling all his GI Joes. To make up for it, Daddy got the 25th edition of Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander in mint condition. He also got 2 Ben Sherman shirts as gifts.

For dinner, Mommy's side of the family came to celebrate. K played with cousin Sebastian. He is 11 months old. The 2 kids are having a jolly old time clapping their hands together.

K is happy to see Uncle Derek. They both peer in from the backyard into the dining room.

Uncle Derek brought Taz. K got to ride in her red car while Taz took a walk.

K is fearless these days. She is climbing onto everything and dives head first off couches and beds. Mommy and Daddy are tired since they have to keep a constant eye on K. Here she is making her way up these two storage containers.

She reaches the top. She must have gone through a growth spurt. She looks taller to Mommy.

When K knows she has done something naughty, she a smirk on her face and laughs hysterically.

On Monday K got her hair done at daycare. This is how we found her when we picked her up.

We can't believe she finally is growing more hair! Look how bald she was when she was a couple months old.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Genentech Concert

On Saturday K attended her first concert at AT&T park.  It was a really hot day, but K went down to the field and can say she actually walked on the field that the Giants play on! Some kids had earplugs on, but K didn't mind the loud music. She actually shook her hips to the sound of the music. Too bad Mommy didn't take a video.

There were over 12,000 people at the concert. The opening band was Lifehouse.

Can you guess the second act was? Here's a hint she is an Academy award winning actress and was a contest on American Idol.

Take a listen on who the final act was...

During the concert, Auntie Mai shared her blueberries with K. K tried the typical ball park food as well such as french fries, chicken tenders and malt ice cream. It was all free and all you can eat for the attendees of the concert. K lasted through the whole concert and danced to all the acts. She had such a good time, she knocked out on the car ride home.

Mommy and Daddy feel really blessed to work a company that awards and treats their employees so well. Thanks Genentech!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chinese Name

Auntie Diane and Uncle Mancheuk took a trip to Hong Kong recently and got K this t-shirt with her Chinese name on it.  Po Po selected K's name which means pretty and smart. Maybe she's not so smart when it comes to being more careful. Right before the picture she was being her active self and bumped her head into her crib, hence the red mark above her eyebrow. It didn't phase her though, she got up and jumped off her chair a moment later.

The t-shirt is a nice gift to have since Mommy does not know how to write the Chinese characters. Now Mommy has something to refer to if she ever wants to teach K how to write her name when she is older. Daddy thinks K looks like her friend, Ry is this picture.

K took her first hospital visit to see her new friend Baby Ayumi. K even got her own "visitor" sticker.

Isn't Baby A cute! She was delivered by the same doctor that delivered K!

K loves story time.  She will bring a book over to Mommy or Daddy and plop ourself down on their lap. Her favorite book is Good Night Gorilla. She makes Mommy read it to her sometimes 5 time in a row!

She also likes to carry around her sleep sack. She resembles Linus from Charlie Brown since she drags her sleep sack every wear she goes. She loves the feel of anything fleece.

K also likes to play peek a boo with her sleep sack too.

In other news, K's molars came in. Mommy thought back teeth don't usually come in until 2 years old but this wasn't the case. Maybe that explains why K had a high fever last month!  Another new update is when we go to restaurants, K's new thing is to scream for no apparent reason. It's not out of sadness or anger, but just top of the lungs screaming then followed by laughing. Maybe she's trying to communicate, but Daddy and Mommy hope it's just a phase! Finally K is beginning to have separation anxiety especially when Mommy leaves the room. She goes chasing after Mommy and wants to be held.  K is also more selective on who holds her.  Don't take it personally if she doesn't want to be held by you. Just give her 10 minutes to warm up and she is back to her friendly self.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our New Ride

K saw two of her friends this weekend. First she went to Emma's 1st birthday party. Emma moved to a new house in San Carlos so it was a housewarming party too.

James came over for lunch on Sunday. The kiddies tried quesadilla. Judging by K's face she is not sure if she likes it or not.

K had fun with Uncle Dan. He made her laugh and threw her up in the air.

Since both kids got a Little Tikes car as a birthday gift they decided to take it out for a spin.

Along the way they saw a family of geese and even a jackrabbit. The rabbit was too fast to capture on film.

The weather was extremely hot. It was almost in the 90's. K tried on her new sun hat at the playground.

Auntie Lilian helped us take a family photo.

K is growing up so quickly! Mommy got a personalized growth chart to measure her at each month.

According to the chart K measures 29 inches at 13 months.

K is looking forward to more play dates with her friends!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Children's Fairyland

We had a special treat this weekend. Auntie Jill and Uncle Mike came for a visit. They live in San Diego. We had lunch with them at Hobees restaurant. The waiter gave K her own smiley face made of bananas, grapes and honeydew.

Auntie Jill bought K a tea party set for her birthday, so after lunch they both drank and poured tea.
She also had fun with Uncle Mike. It took a little while for K to warm up to him, but once she did, she would go sneak behind his back and tap him and he would say hello in a funny voice.

 Next time we hope to visit Auntie Jill in San Diego!

We also went to Po Po and Gung Gung's house this past weekend and since they live 15 mins away from Lake Merritt, we took K to Children's Fairlyland. Mommy didn't charge the battery on her camera, so she was only able to snap a few pictures on her iphone.

K's first stop was the wonder-go-round. These are characters from Alice in Wonderland.

K peering out of Pinocchio's house.

K laughed at the silly faces when Daddy took her through the maze of cards.

K loved looking at the animals. She saw donkeys, lambs, goats, camel and even an alpaca (which looks like a llama). She tried reaching over the fence to pet them. After a fun day at Fairyland, K ended the day with a Nestle Rice popsicle. It was so good as you can see by all the ice cream on her face.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It was another busy and eventful weekend for K. First it started with a trip to the Academy of Science with Cousin Ethan. Auntie Ali told Mommy there was this room called young explorer's cove for kids 5 and under, so we decided to go check it out. In the room K had fun playing with the puzzles.

She has a fascination with cups these days and went straight for them.

Of course if we were at the academy we had to visit the fishes.

Afterwards we headed to Auntie Diane's house where she hosted a bbq.

Thanks Cousin Michelle for doing all the grilling! K tried bbq chicken and salmon. See Mommy wasn't kidding when she said K likes playing with cups!

Sunday was party time. It was Jame's first birthday. Auntie Lilian hired a taco stand vendor and the guests enjoyed carnitas and carne asada tacos.

In Jame's backyard there was an area to play with bubbles. Daddy used the bubble wand and K chased after the bubbles trying to pop them.

Here's the birthday boy with his smash cake and star candles.  Auntie Lilian is even wearing a star skirt!

After Jame's birthday it was time for party #2 in Tracy. This time celebrating Ethan's 3'rd birthday. K napped on the way to the party and missed the firetruck that came to Ethan's house. Auntie Jenn said all the kids got to climb on top of the firetruck and take pictures. Here's a picture of Ethan courtesy of Auntie Jenn's blog. What a cool fire chief!

All the kids at the party got their own fire hat with their names on it. K wasn't in the mood to wear her hat, but what a cute party favor!

Monday K had breakfast with Auntie Gabby and Uncle Derek. She tried french toast and loved it.

Aunite Gabby works at a preschool and told us that all the kids for some reason love the song Beyonce's "Single Ladie's". Mommy decided to test the theory and see if it was true. Take a look at K's reaction to the song.

What a way to spend Memorial Day weekend! Exhausting but fun times all around!