Monday, May 27, 2013

May Birthdays

In the month of May K help celebrated many birthdays. Last weekend James invited K to Happy Hallow. When they saw each other they held hands.

Two weeks K was scared to go on the merry-go round that went up and down, but this time around she was brave enough. It was Jame's first time as well.

Auntie Lilian took K's family picture.

James loved the merry go round and picked the same animal to sit on each time. The kids went on the ride 3 times.

The kids fed the goats. 

There was a rock climbing wall and James reached the top.

Next up was the cars. James couldn't wait for the ride to begin.

Before the ride started K waited patiently. She thought this is not so bad.

But once the ride started K tried to get out of her car. The attendant told K "stay seated! Stay seated." Obviously she did not hear him.

Mommy please save me! She survived with no tears, but let's see if she will ride it next time.

Afterwards the kids sat on the bench for lunch and snacks.

Jame's younger brother, Luke came to Happy Hallow too and joined in on the group pic. This is what happens when trying to take a pic with 3 kids. K had so much fun! Hope to hang out again soon!

After Happy Hallow K took a nap in the car and Daddy drove to the Academy of Science. K watched all the fishies swim by. She thought some of the fishes looked sad since they did not smile.

For dinner K went to Auntie Diane's house to celebrate Aunt Annie's birthday. Aunt Annie was nice enough to let K blow out some of the candles on her cake. 

The next day, K visited Po Po and Gung Gung. Daddy bought K a kids aero bed since she can climb out of the pack and play now. K was excited to try out her new bed.

While K napped, Mommy and Daddy went to visit baby Noah. He was born 2 weeks ago. K stayed behind since she had a running nose. Mommy wanted to hold Noah but he looked so comfortable and peaceful sleeping.

K also celebrated Auntie Lilian's birthday. The kids played bubbles in the back yard.

With Daddy's help, K made a big bubble for James to pop. Happy birthday to all the May babies!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transition Time Again

Now that K is 2 years ago, she transitioned out of the infant/toddler room and now in the younger preschool classroom. No more moving for at least another year!

K will miss all her friends in the Squirrels. This photo was taken during picture day.

Here's K's spring school picture. It took 20 minutes including help from the teachers for K to sit still. She kept running away. She sure is active.

It was even harder to have her sit on the chair. Luckily the picture turned out cute!

K will especially miss her primary teacher, Rose. She was so kind and nurturing and greeted K with a great big hug during drop offs in the morning.

The first week of transition went okay. The first day K had a death grip on Mommy and wouldn't let go when it was time for Mommy to leave to go to work. K cried for 30 mins. The second day K cried for 2 mins after drop off and the third day she didn't cry at all.  She still says "Go back to Squirrels" in the morning, but at the end of the day she is excited to tell Mommy and Daddy all that she did in the Raccoons. The teachers are in for a treat. You can tell how mischievous K is already by the picture below.

There are definitely big differences in the new class. The kids are 2-3 years.  The teacher ratio is 7:1. The kids utilize more self help skills such as pouring their own milk, serving themselves, and even putting their own jacket on. Here is K's cubby. It is at her height and within her reach. They have toilets, so potty training can begin. The teachers have the children sit on the toilet every 2 hours to encourage them to try the potty. The kids also have a fitness class with activities once a week.

The yard is completely new too. They have different play structures.

The cool part is they have bikes in the yard.

K tried on her new helmet at home and was so excited to bring it to school the next day. That reminds Daddy he still needs to build the bike that Po Po got K for her birthday!

Teacher Jolene has come to visit K and misses her and checks to see how she is doing.

This is one of K's new teacher, J. She has been great about calling Mommy with updates on how K is doing during the day.

This is teacher D. K was tired in this picture. K has been more clingy and wanting Mommy to stay in her room at night for bedtime. She also started waking up early too. This happened when she was in the Geckos as well. Sigh hopefully it will pass soon.

Mommy will try to get a picture of Teacher C. K's primary teacher, but can't believe how fast she is growing up! Mommy is happy but sad at the same time!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diddalido Party & Mother's Day

Last weekend K celebrated Emi's first birthday! Emi looked so cute in her little tutu dress. Auntie Alice made the pinwheels on E's cake!

E's party was at an indoor play center called Diddalido. It had a structure you could climb up. K was peering through the net saying hi.

Coco and her Daddy was checking the view from above.

Mason was having fun at the party too.

K loved the ball area and could hang with the big boys.

She was a little scared of the fast slide, but Ry took her under his wing and held her hand so they could go down together.

 Ry said "wasn't that fun?" and they both went down a couple more times.

Birthday girl with all her friends...

A ladies pic including Uncle Ken.

After the party K was knocked out in the car from all the excitement. When she woke up she went to a children's salon. Her bangs were so long that it covered her eyes. She wouldn't wear clips anymore and kept smacking her face really hard to move the hair out of her eyes, so it was time to get a trim. This time it was not a bowl cut! She wouldn't wear the smock and sat on Daddy's lap but didn't cry this time. She cut off 2 inches in the back to make it more even. What do you think?

After the haircut K took mommy to an early Mommy's Day dinner. 

The following day, K saw great grandma on Daddy's side of the family. Auntie Tiffany put flowers in the vase and K wanted to help out. After great grandma's it was off to Mommy's side of the family.

Mommy opened a gift K made at school.

This was the poem on the tote bag. Mommy is so happy to have K in her life and loves her very much!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Two Years old

It's been awhile since the last post. Daddy and Mommy were in Hawaii for Uncle Gavin and Auntie Ann's wedding. Congrats to them both. They had a beautiful chapel wedding. Thanks to Po Po, Gung Gung and Auntie Annie for watching K so Mommy and Daddy could go on vacation!

Let's catch up. On K's birthday Mommy and Daddy took the day off to go to Happy Hallow. The first thing K wanted to do was to see the goats. She wanted to feed the goats but not from her hands. She would throw the food pellets on the floor and say "go goat, eat!"

K was scared to go on the merry go round. She did not like the animals that went up and down. Mommy convinced her to sit on the bench instead. K was still unsure.

But once it started, she liked it and kept saying " we go round and round!"

After all the fun she took a break for a snack. Mommy asked for a smile and here is what she got.

Then her silly side came out.

Later that evening K got to blow out two candles on her b-day cupcake. She's growing up too fast!