Thursday, February 21, 2013

Under The Weather

Last week K was feeling under the weather and had to stay home from school. Daddy finally built the dream kitchen she received for Christmas to cheer her up. Daddy stayed up all night building it. Who would have know how many million of pieces it came with. Thanks Auntie Caroline and Uncle Vu for the gift!

K received her first Valentine from Teacher Marirose. Marirose gives the best hugs too! She always greets K with a warm smile during drop offs.

On Friday it was bring your favorite book to school day. K picked The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to share with her friends. She likes the book so much she wanted to read it on the car ride to school.

Mommy, Daddy and K spent the weekend at Po Po and Gung Gung's house. K tried doing a pose on Po Po's yoga mat.

When K was sick she lost some weight. She didn't have any appetite for two days. Her face definitely slimmed down, but her appetite came back when she saw the sweet cake served for Chinese New Year.

On Sunday K celebrated Chinese New Year at Great Grandma's house with the extended family. After dinner Ethan serenaded everyone while playing his guitar.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Message of Love

Right after Valentine's Day, K expressed her feelings for Mommy :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Line By Line

K has been saying sentences more like "Mommy sit here" or when Daddy honked his horn on the freeway, she said "Daddy beep beep car." When Daddy rubbed his eyes, she asked- "Daddy tired?" She also has been referring to herself in the third person. She calls herself KK. She says "KK shoes or "KK wear hat." But from time to time she still babbles. Here's an example of her trying to read line by line the daily notes written by her teachers.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mason's First Birthday

Mason's first birthday was last weekend. The theme of his barn yard animals. He had a cool cake with a pig, horse and barn. They were all edible.

There was a pinata set up in the backyard. McKenna was the first to take a swing and the only kid that wanted to be blind folded.

The birthday boy cried when it was his turn. Auntie Becca said Mason loves animals and did not believe in animal cruelty.

Mckenna was the big winner. Her prize was not only the candy that came out but the head of the horse to take home.

K really liked Mckenna and gave her a big hug when she saw her.

During the party Auntie Erica played airplane with K.

After the party, K went to great grandma's house for an early Chinese new year dinner. She had fun ironing her jacket.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Colorful Cheerois

K has been practicing her colors.

She is talking more these days. Her favorite phrase is "I did it!" At the dinner table, before she takes a bite, she says "Daddy eat" and "Mommy eat." And Mommy's favorite is when Mommy says" I Love You" to K, K will point her finger at Mommy with a big smile and say "YOU!!!"