Saturday, December 31, 2011

8 months old

For K's 8th month birthday, Daddy got Kara's cupcake and topped it with a candle to celebrate. Too bad she can only look at the cupcake and can't touch or eat it. Maybe next year K!

At 8 months, K is learning to stand.

She got an activity table for Christmas and can stand up for a good 5 minutes before taking a break. It's been fun watching her go through the different milestones. We will see what's in store next month!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who's That?

Two weeks ago, we had to take K to the pediatrician to get her flu shot. We had to wait for a couple minutes for the nurse to come in. This was fine by K since she kept herself occupied by the mirror in the room.  She sure loves the baby in the mirror! Kisses to her!

In other news, K has moved on to her big girl stroller. The weather has been quite chilly lately, so we finally got to use the bundle up blanket when we take K out for walks. What a life to be pushed around and kept nice and toasty!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we went to great grandma's house on Daddy's side of the family. Uncle Daren took a few family pics, so once he sends them over, we will be sure to post.

On Christmas Day, K woke up and got to open presents. She is looking at Mommy and Daddy and wondering which one to open first.

This is her first attempt at opening a gift. She absolutely loves to rip paper!

This is her second gift. K's loves when Mommy reads her a book about Elmo and always smiles, so Daddy did some research online and found "my first elmo". This elmo is chewable and the perfect size for babies.

Can you tell how much K loves her new toy!? She is already trying to kiss and bite him.

After K opened a few more presents, she played and took a nap. When she woke up, Daddy's family came over.  Baby Aiden came over too, but he was napping and not in the picture.

Later that afternoon, we went to Po Po and Gung Gung's house. After dinner, K had more presents to open. Talk about one lucky baby! Daddy's car was filled with all of K's gifts. We had so much to bring home, we even left behind her booster chair at Po Po's house.

Auntie Vandy and Uncle James even mailed a gift to K all the way from Japan. She got the cute bear below but she seems more interested with the tag at the moment.

K had a fun first Christmas. Despite her catching a cold, she was happy to spend it with all of her family.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Inexpensive Toys

Household items have become K's new toys. She can keep herself entertained for a good 20 minutes playing with kleenex.

She enjoys the effect of tearing the paper into pieces.

Water bottles have also capured her interest. She likes banging them together to make noise. Guess Mommy doesn't have to buy new toys anytime soon!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Auntie Shirley and Uncle Rob hosted a Christmas luncheon last weekend. In usual fashion, we tried to capture a picture with all the kids. Here are some of our attempts... (L-R: Nate, Court, Tristan, Rylan & McKenna).

Next was a pictures of all the girls and the kiddies.

The adults L-R: Auntie Esther, Auntie Alice, Auntie Ali, Auntie Lauren, Auntie Shirley, Auntie Stacey & Auntie Becca

Over the weekend, we also went to get K's handprint and footprint at Create-It in Palo Alto. We figured we better do it now before her hands and feet gets any bigger.

The finished product will be ready next Feb! The owner was telling us the clay goes through a rigorous schedule. It has to be dried, then fired up, then dried, then painted, then dried again.

And finally- K's first cousin, Aiden stayed over on Friday night. This is Daddy's sister's son. He lives in New Hampshire and this was the first time meeting him. He is about 2 months younger than K.

He only stayed for a day and went to Sac to see grandma and will be going to LA to visit some other of his relatives. We will take more pictures when he comes back up for Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Friends

On Saturday we went to Auntie Beeca & Uncle Ken's baby shower. K met some new friends. Auntie Becca wanted to get a picture of all the kids and babies that came to the shower.

First it started with the babies that were 2 years old and younger...

Then we managed to get all the kiddies together. (L-R: Kayleigh, Avery, Riley, Nate, Rylan & Ally)

Good thing Rylan is holding K tight for the pic so she doesn't escape!

K had a fun time with her new friend, Ally. Ally is practicing her big sister skills. She is going to have a baby brother next March.

K had another friend to look after her, McKenna. She made sure K would not fall from standing on the couch. One of the advantages of being a baby is having older friends watch over her!

K is admiring Kayleigh's hair and wondering how she can get some. Uncle Ryan seems like he can manage 2 girls!

Here's Auntie Christine too!

We had fun at the baby shower and can't wait to meet Baby Lau who is due to arrive early Feb!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Could It Be?

K is finally growing some hair!! Here is proof when she wakes up from her nap...

If only it can grow more in the front than the back, but Mommy shouldn't be too picky! Some hair is better than none!

Now that the weather is getting's time for hat days!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Future Gymnast?

Daddy thinks K could have a career as a future gymnast. She is able to go from a lying down position to doing the splits and then sitting up. Talk about flexibility!

K has been giving us a new smile lately. She snorts, squints her eyes and then gives us a big cheesy smile.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

7 months

We are a few days late taking K's monthly pictures, but here they are. At 7 months, her expression looks like I rule the world!

But K really does love teddy!

She can also sit up longer without falling over now.

Today we attended James' baptism. He was such a good boy. He didn't even cry when the priest poured holy water on his head. James looked really cute in his white tuxedo.

Afterwards we went to James' house to celebrate. Does James have a crush on K? He's holding her hand!

K is the oldest baby in this picture but she is the smallest in size. James is one month younger and Cielo is 2 months younger. Auntie Lilian & Auntie Marlene went to high school with Mommy.

Earlier this week, Auntie Liz who use to work with Daddy came to visit. Auntie Liz moved to Arizona for nursing school. She said K is the most curious baby she has ever met! K is grabbing onto her necklace if you look closely.

Auntie Liz was really generous and brought over Daddy's favorite dessert, Sprinkles and K received her first Christmas gifts that will be going under the tree.