Thursday, August 29, 2013


K finally got into a weekend swimming class. The class was full for a long time and K has been on the waiting list. She was so happy to be back in the pool. She had the biggest smile on her face. Mommy had tried a different school closer to home, but K didn't love it as much and asked to go back to old place, so Daddy thought it was worth the drive to San Bruno.

K went to the dentist for her 6 month appointment. The office is in a new space and had new toys like this play house with a kitchen. K was terrified of the dentist again and cried and screamed, but she was happy to a get a new toothbrush and stickers. Her 4 molars still have not come in yet. She will check back in 6 months.

For the past 3 weeks, K has developed sleep regression. This time Mommy is not sure why. In the past it was due to the transitioning of classrooms. K wakes up 2-3 times sometimes 4 times a night. She is wanting Daddy or Mommy to stay in the room with her. Daddy holds firm and will stand behind the door and tells her to go back to sleep, but at 5 am it's hard not to give in and sleep on her floor.  Mommy figured since K is waking up anyways, maybe it's time to look at big girl beds. When K got to the store and saw the beds, K said "I have my own bed. I don't need a new one!" She was more interested in having a tea party with the dolls.

K has also slowly began to potty train. Teacher Chona said she is showing signs by telling the teachers when she has peed or pooed and asks for a diaper change. K had fun shopping for big girl underwear. When she gets home from school, she wears underwear instead of a diaper. Accidents happen every day and it's no fun to clean up, but gradually she will get there. She likes to go back and forth to the potty on her own, but hasn't gone inside yet. Mommy doesn't think she can control it yet which will take time.

As you may know K is one active girl. Daddy calls her his tomboy. After she gets picked up from school, K loves to show Mommy and Daddy how she rolls down the hill.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ari turned two and had a bbq in the park. She is so cute. She even posed to have her picture taken.

While the food was grilling the kids went to the playground. K wanted to push Ari on the swing.

Uncle Ken was visiting baby Greysen and invited K to join them at the park. This was the parent's attempt to have all three kids sit still for a picture.

Great grandpa came to visit from San Diego. He's 92 and flew by himself. He invited the whole family to a yummy Chinese banquet.

At school the teachers say K and her friend Hannah look alike from the back. Hannah will move to a  new classroom soon since she is turning three. K will miss her. She always wants to sit next to Hannah at breakfast.

Nicolas and Julia sadly flew back to Japan last week. K hung out with them one last time.

Everyone went out for dinner. At the restaurant when Mommy tried to sit next to K, K said no and wanted to sit with her cousins. No complaints by Mommy she enjoyed her dinner! It's so nice having babysitters!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Letters Of My Name

Mommy has been practicing spelling out the letters in K's name. K asks to do it over and over again. We will work on her last name next. She also knows the letters "O, B, C and H." We have many more letters in the alphabet to go!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Sister Duty Next Year

K will be a big sister early February 2014 Mommy has not told K the news yet. She will probably be jealous when the baby is here. K doesn't like it when Mommy holds other babies. When Daddy picks up K at school and another child holds Daddy's hand,  K will say "That's my Daddy!"

On the other hand K can be quite nurturing. She loves her dolls and loves to rock and feed them.

She even tries to change the doll's diaper. She can be on diaper duty when the baby arrives.

Not to shabby of a job!

She was really intrigued by baby Charlie. She wanted to sit by her and loved to pat and touch her.  Either way Mommy is sure she will be a great big sister!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fruit Picking & Parties!

Last weekend K went fruit picking in Brentwood. First stop was white peaches and nectaraines.
K used all her might to pick the peach off the tree.

Ashely picked one too.

Everyone posed for a group shot in the shade. It was so hot that day!

Strawberry picking was much easier since it was on ground level and easy to reach.

The strawberries were so sweet! The whole box was almost gone before everyone drove home.

On Sunday was Noah's red egg ginger party.  Uncle Justin had a videographer set up, so when the guests arrived they were caught on film.

Baby Noah had a very elaborate party. His parents hired lion dancers to perform. K was scared of them. When the lions left she said "I love the lions!"

There was a swing and slide set in the backyard. She had the best time!

Party number two was at Emi's house celebrating Auntie Alice's birthday.  They served wine and cheese. Auntie Alice wanted a group shot of all the kiddies. Happy b-day Auntie Alice!

Monday, August 5, 2013

One Eye At A Time

Every morning or evening K watches Daddy takes on and off his contacts. Today she decided to imitate him. She thinks the contacts are shaped like bubbles.

Friday, August 2, 2013

More Family Fun

K spent last Saturday over at Po Po and Gung Gung's house and great grandma's since relatives from Japan made their annual trip back to the Bay Area for the summer.  K was ready to walk over to great grandma's house to see her relatives.

Nicholas and Julie have grown up so much since last year. Nicholas is now taller than Mommy and Julia is not far behind. They took K to the park.

Uncle Derek brought over Taz too. K was not afraid to pet him this time. She doesn't like it when he licks her face.

Isn't Taz so cute! He loves being around kids and is really friendly.

K had fun with all her family. They all like to take turns taking care of her.

This month at school K is playing football during fitness class. Daddy captured a picture of the field. K is excited for Tuesdays since that's the day of the class.  She says "I go see coaches!" The previous two months she played soccer.

K's favorite food is pizza! Her favorites are the CPK barbeque chicken and Amici's combo. If everyone wants to go out to eat pizza she would love to come!