Thursday, December 19, 2013

Double the Fun-Playdates

Mommy celebrated the upcoming arrival of Auntie Ali's baby girl with afternoon tea in the city.

There were many delicious desserts and sandwiches to try. Favorites amongst the girls was the curried egg and arugula sandwich and crumpets with brandy butter!

While Mommy was enjoying tea, K and Daddy met Aiden at the Academy of Sciences. 

There were reindeers on display just in time for Christmas.

After the academy was dinner for Uncle Manchuek's birthday. Auntie Diane had baked cookies and asked K and Ashley to help decorate them.

The following day was another fun play date. This time at the SF Zoo with Tristan, Courtney and Emi. The zoo built a new playground. K loved going down the Artic slide with Daddy.

The kiddies watched a grizzly bear walk by. It's been fun watching these 3 grow up together. They now can have full on conversations with each other!

 All aboard! The group took a ride on the train.

Of course a trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without going on the merry-go round.

K can't wait to have another play date with her friends!

At the zoo, K hit a milestone and went potty in the public restroom! Mommy told her Tristan was going to go potty in the restroom and asked if she wanted to go and surprisingly K agreed. Daddy took her and lined the toilet with a seat cover. K asked, " Do we need that?" And then went!  After her nap, K got to pick a toy at Toys R Us since Mommy had to buy Christmas gifts. She selected a guitar.

She was rocking out to her own lyrics of Jingle Bells.

Friday, December 13, 2013

First Time Bart Rider

K has been watching the episode of Curious George Goes to the Zoo. It talks about George taking the subway to go to the zoo. Daddy thought it would be fun for K to ride Bart since she talks a lot about Curious going on the subway. The first thing K did when she got on the Bart was people watch!

She took the Bart to see the tree in Union Square. Along the way she saw many interesting things like a person dressed up as a gorilla playing the guitar, a man painted all grey who had big wings and a Santa ringing a bell asking for donations.

Last weekend, K visited James and Luke. She loved Uncle Dan and thought he was so much fun!

Since Uncle Dan works for Google- K got to try on their new product.

K and Ashley have become the best of friends. Both girls use to fight over toys but now are getting better at sharing. Have you noticed K always wears pink? She never wants to wear any other color despite all the other clothes she has.

Mommy had a work party on Thursday so Daddy and K spent some quality time together. They started out with dinner.

And had a special treat of frozen yogurt for dessert.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Many Thanks!

K is thankful to be surrounded by so many family and friends. Auntie Shirley and Uncle Rob hosted their annual Thanksgiving lunch. K loves Auntie Shirley's turkey and mash potatoes!

Daddy's side of the family came over for Thanksgiving dinner. The boys must have gotten the memo to wear plaid.

K and Aiden showed some cousinly love.

The next day Mommy's side of the family came over for dinner. Mommy and Daddy decided to host this year, but it turned out everyone brought all the food and even cleaned up afterwards too. Auntie Kristine brought over a diestel turkey that was already brined which turned out so moist and juicy!

 The kiddies posed for a picture. Christian was missing since he had a basketball game.

They decided to do a silly pose next.

Auntie Kristine also brought over Just Dance Party 2014 for the Wii. Everyone had a great time playing especially K.

K really loved to show off her dance moves. Maybe Mommy should sign her up for a hip hop class.

Over the weekend, K walked around the Ferry Building and had lunch at Gott Roadside. She enjoyed some ice-cream with Daddy for dessert.

Tristan turned 3! Auntie Lauren surprised the guests with a donut cake. How unique!

Happy Birthday T! Thanks for inviting us to your party.