Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party With Friends!

K had another party this weekend. This time she invited all her friends to her Sesame Street birthday.

Her friends were given bubbles as favors.

Each had their own personalized gift tag.

Leah was the first to arrive. She had on the cutest top.

James arrived shortly after. Both kids rather play than take a picture.

Mason and Greysen hung out together.

Mommy had a local baker design the cake.

Solo pic of the birthday girl

As mentioned in the last post entry K absolutely loves signing happy birthday and blowing candles.

She asked to do blow candles a second time.

Group picture of the kiddies

It was Uncle Mike's birthday too. He got a special cupcake and everyone sang to him to as well. Does he look surprised?

Tristan is the tallest of the 3. When K and Court couldn't reach the chips, he was nice enough to get the chips for them.

This picture makes Mommy laugh. C is giving her most fierce look, T looks like he is up to no good and all K can think of is will T help me get more chips.

When K's neighbors found out it was her birthday. They surprised her with a gift. How sweet of them!

The night ended with dinner at Uncle Larry's restaurant. She was too focused enjoying her chicken and corn soup to look up for a picture.

K had so much fun at her party. The next morning she slept in until 8:45! What a treat for Mommy and Daddy! Thanks to everyone for helping K celebrate and all the generous gifts!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pre Birthday Celebration

K had a little get together with her family to celebrate her upcoming second birthday. In case you are wondering, Sebastian was wearing K's skinny leg jeans and shirt since he needed a change of clothes.

All the kids ate dinner at the cool kid's table.

K loves to drink soup, so as a special treat Great Grandma made K some shark fin soup.

Thanks Great Grandma!

After dinner it was cake time! K was trying to show everyone she is turning 2.

Family picture before the singing begins.

She loves to sing happy birthday and clap. At school Teacher Marirose said K will make a cake in the sand box and sing happy birthday to her friends.

Sebastian was savoring how delicious the cake was.

Before going to bed K cuddled with Auntie Kristine. K feels so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Art & Juice Show

Mommy and Daddy got an invitation for the first Art & Juice Exhibition at K's school. It was a juice show since kids can't drink wine. The exhibition displayed artwork of children ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

This is K's masterpiece. Teacher Lina said K's piece was unique from the rest of her classmates. All the kids  finger painted, but K requested a brush instead. She said it was "dirty" to use her hands. She is pretty OCD and doesn't like to get her fingers one bit messy.

This is the artwork of all her friends in the Squirrel's class.

At the exhibition light refreshments were served. K was so happy to snack on a cookie.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Quality Time With The Parents

It's been awhile since K had a weekend with no plans or activities. Mommy and Daddy took full advantage of the free weekend to spend some quality time with K. The weekend started with going to Stride Rite. K plays rough in the yard at school, so it was time to get some new shoes.  She got her foot measured and it's a size 6. She picked out her new tennis shoes and to no surprise it was Abby! That girl loves Sesame Street! She ended up wearing them out of the store.

For dinner K ate at her favorite Mediterranean restaurant. She loves the chicken kebabs.

And she got an order of extra rice just for her. They give such big portions!

For dessert, K got a special treat at Yogurtland. Her favorite flavor was Cookies and Cream.

On Sunday, K went to Fairyland. She got her very own key and turned the key in the boxes to hear the story.

At the park there were card boards the children could slide down the hill on. K had a blast and kept asking to do it more.

Since K was a good girl this weekend she got a new toy. She has been pretending to use a a pair of earphones as stethoscope since she has been to the pediatrician quite frequently because of all the germs from school.  K got her very own doctor's kit. Her first patient was her doll.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle

K reciting the ABC's with her mouth full of bread. She missed a couple letters though.

K loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She shows off her singing skills to her dolls.

Then she decides to add the Giants Bear to her audience and lines everyone along the stairs.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Where's The Eggs?

Courtney invited K over for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Auntie Ali and Mommy hid the eggs in pretty obvious places within a toddler's reach.

Court was really good at finding eggs and had big smiles every time she found one.

The girls took their time finding the eggs. K got distracted and wanted to jump on the trampoline instead. At the end she opened her eggs and found cheerios, stickers, clips, cheddar bunnies as treats.

After the hunt the girls went out to dinner outside a Japanese market. They walked around the market hand in hand.

 Court was so sweet to give her buddy a big hug when it was time to say good-bye.

The other day at Barnes and Nobles, K flipped the pages of various books.

She pretended to read like one of her teachers during circle time at school.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Mommy captured a video of K counting. At the beginning of the clip she says "where are you" and then starts counting again from number 8.

Mommy's type of work requires her to travel various times throughout the year. Even though she is hundreds of miles away, she is thankful for Facetime. During this session K was eating dinner. She was practicing using chopsticks.

On her return, Mommy came home to this nice welcome back sign.

Teacher Marirose downloaded new pictures of K's activities at school. For the month of March the kids planted seeds.

K learned about different occupations such as a police man.

She also learned about the different types of creatures in the ocean like a dolphin

 And an octopus too!

She used her gross motor skills to stack bottles high. What a life of a toddler! So much fun everyday!