Monday, January 28, 2013

Typical Day At School

Teacher Marirose gave Mommy some pics, so it's time to share the activities at school.
For the holidays, she decorated a gingerbread house.

When the kids are outdoors they sing songs. K's favorite songs are Bunny Hop and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

K practices her balancing skills by going through mazes.

Sometimes tracks are set up in the playground, so the kids can roll the ball.

One afternoon one of the cooks from the kitchen came to visit and the kids made fruit salad and their own pizzas. The next day the kids got a tour of the kitchen and learned where all the food is prepared.

Each kid made their own chef hat.

Daphne's mom is a scientist and taught the kids all about working in a lab. Do you think K will grow up to be a science nerd like Daddy?

K painted some leaves for the family tree.

She learned the concept of open and close by filling her can with circle shapes.

This is the children's secret hide out but not really said Teacher Lena since all the teachers know they are there!

On Saturday Uncle Brian and Auntie Mai came to visit with baby Adam. They brought over sweet treats to share.

Adam  is almost 3 months now. He was such a good baby. He napped on the couch for close to 2 hours. 

Thanks for visiting Adam. Hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MLK Weekend

This past long weekend was quite busy. K hung out with Auntie Jenn, Isa, Ethan and Ava.

Ava and K getting to know each other better. Ava had a little bit of stranger anxiety, but she warmed up after a little while.

The kiddies had a late Christmas gift exchange. K loved the play tent. She went in and out and thought it was a fun place to hide.

For dinner was hot pot at great grandma's house. For dessert the girls had oranges.

K tried to shuffle the mahjong tiles like the grown ups.

 The following day Auntie Ali and Uncle Pete invited friends over to watch the playoff game. There was alot of cheering and yelling going on, so the two kiddies played on Court's trampoline. K jumped as high as she could.

The girls tested out Uncle Ken's new car too. Court's so lucky to have so much hair even though the sun is making it look a little wild!

The guys attempt to take a gangsta picture.

The girls plus Mason smiled for their picture instead.

Everyone sang happy birthday to Mason. His real party is in 2 weeks.

K has been saying Josh's name every since he came over during the holidays. She says it every couple of days. She must really miss him. On Sunday we went to Josh's house and brought over an ice cream cake to celebrate Auntie Suzy's birthday.

Happy Birthday Auntie Suzy! You don't look over 30!

Baby Ayumi joined in on the celebration as well. She is 7 months old.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Dentist Appointment

Dr. Mason recommended bringing K to the dentist by her 2nd b-day, so Mommy made an appointment. The first visit was meant for K to get familiar and comfortable with the office. The office had all the names of the children who had appointments that day.

K read a book while waiting for her name to be called.

The dental room had a fish thank and all kind of toys to play with. When it was time to get her teeth checked, she did not want to sit on the chair by herself, so she sat on Mommy's lap.  K's appointment was with Dr. Scotty. She did not like him one bit once he started the exam. She cried the whole time. Dr Scotty says 95% of the kids cry their first time at the dentist.  Mommy found out K has 4 more molars to come in before her baby teeth are complete. Her first adult tooth will come in at 6 years old.  After the exam, K got to pick out a toy from the basket.

As a souvenir K got this picture to take home. Hopefully the next appointment in 6 months goes better.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


It's been awhile since the last post. Mommy has been on a business trip, but now she is back! For this post, here are some random picture to share.

It's been so chilly! K warms up by wearing Mommy's scarf.  It's a battle with this little one- she hates wearing jackets and socks. It's always a chase to put them on her.

She loves her dolls. She tries to feed them her dinner.

A couple of weeks ago, she went to the Children's Museum. She got to touch dry ice for the first time.

When she got into the canoe, she said "row row boat."

Homemade smoothie accompanied by a milk mustache.

Once in awhile K will let Mommy put her hair in pigtails.

Daddy and Mommy celebrated Uncle Dave and Auntie Betty's wedding last weekend.

 While K hung out with Ashley, Po Po and Gung Gung.

K likes to jam out to her new keyboard.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The many smiles of Ms. Katelyn

Someone is going to need braces for sure!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tinkle Tinkle!

For the past week, before shower time K has been sitting on her toilet trying to go potty. Tonight she had a tinkle tinkle! K spared the full urine pics to her readers. Here's one after she wiped and throwing the toilet paper away.

Here's another pic with all the pee pee soaked up. K has been pointing to her bottom and saying "poo" when she has gone #2. Mommy and Daddy won't fully enforce potty training yet since her classroom doesn't have any toilets so she would still be in dipaers. But her current classroom does change diapers standing up.  When she moves over to the younger preschool class they will have toilets then. That will be in a couple months after she turns two. Great job K!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello 2013!

Ringing in the new year with Ashley, Auntie Michelle and Ethan.

Wishing everyone prosperity and good health!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Activites During Break

Eucalyptus Street in San Carlos is well know for the neighborhood Christmas lights displays. Mommy wonders how much the electricity bill is for the owner of this house!

One house had a gigantic tree filled with the biggest ornaments ever.

Really- look how tall and big this tree is. Is it real?

Another house had a Santa Claus display and children could take turns sitting on his lap. K was hesitant to sit on her own but with Mommy's help she was more willing.

One house even made snow for kids to play with.

Daddy thought the Yoda display was pretty cool!

Now that Christmas is officially over,  K took down the ornaments from the tree.

She was so proud to be Daddy's little helper. When all the ornaments were taken off the tree, she clapped and said "all done."

It's been so cold lately, but K still loves going to the park. There's a new park that Daddy discovered and K had the best time going down the slide.

K has been working on her fine motor skills and can put each letter back where it belongs onto her stool.

One morning Mommy received a text from Auntie Ali saying Court wanted to hang out with her buddy K. The two girls met at the Academy of Sciences since they both have memberships.

It's fun to watch these two as they are growing up. They would follow each other and copy what the other is doing. Here's some pics courtesy of Auntie Ali's camera. Court came to the Academy the previous week and is a pro at laying against the glass of the aquarium, so she showed K what to do.

K pats Court and says thanks for showing me the ropes!

Afterwards the girls checked out the lions from the African exhibit. The Academy was so much fun. What adventures will these two girls go on next?