Monday, February 27, 2012

San Francisco Sights

Sunday was a day with no fog and little wind, so we ventured off to see the sights of SF. We started the day at the Embarcedero. K enjoyed the landmarks while strolling around.

Shot with the famous Bay Bridge

We checked out the bow and arrow too. Mommy didn't know what the significance of the attraction was so she googled it on her phone. Turns out it's cupid's arrow, so Mommy decided to give K a kiss. This was the first time as well for Mommy and Daddy to be up close to the arrow.  We have passed by it many times, but never seen it face to face.

We saw the famous clock tower at the Ferry building too. This is where Mommy and Daddy took their engagement photos 2 years ago!

After the sights, K took a break and practiced her standing skills.

Our last stop was Chinatown and of course we had to stop by Golden Gate bakery and get our favorite dan tats!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Afternoon Playdate

Auntie Mika & Uncle Wilson hosted a playdate over the weekend. Auntie Mika is having a baby girl in June! We can't wait to meet her! Yay for new friends to play with!

At the playdate, K met a new friend, Jarelyn (left) who is also 9 months old. Arianna (right) was there too. We haven't seen A since she was a couple weeks old and now she is 6 months! How time flies!

K was having lunch while her friends sat next to her. Next time she will make sure to bring more, so she can share.

Uncle Will thinks whenever he holds babies they will start crying, but look he's a pro! No tears from K or A!

Arianna was kind enough to let K try her hair clip. Can you believe it K actually has hair to clip!! Mommy knows what to buy next time she goes shopping!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Heart Headbands!

Mommy loves accessorizing K in headbands and always on the lookout for new ones. Auntie Amelia introduced Mommy to her friend, Michelle Lee who makes the cutest headbands. Check out her blog Meesh's Little Pieces! Contact her if you are interested in purchasing any of her pieces. K is modeling the latest creations by Michelle

Mommy loves dressing up K in hats as well. This picture makes Daddy laugh. He thinks she looks like an old lady. Thanks Auntie Mariam for the chic accessories!


A couple months ago, K was pretty uncoordinated when it came to picking up food up and putting it in her mouth. Now she can put food in her mouth in one try. Her new favorite thing to snack on is toast. We put the toast in the bowl her friend, Tristan, gave her.  She is learning to eat out of dinnerware.

K is so active these days. This girl can't sit still. She is pulling up and standing on anything she can get her hands on.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

In honor of V-day, Daddy got this bib for K.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Will you be my Valentine?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doctor's Visit

We saw Dr Mason for K's 9 month check-up. At this visit, she got her finger pricked to check her hemoglobin. Red blood count looks good! K did cry for a second but once Mommy picked her up, she was more intrigued by the bandaid. At the appointment we also found out K's stats. She weighs 17.5 pounds. Her weight dipped a tiny bit since she was diagnosed with acid reflux last month. Her weight is now in the 25th percentile. Dr. Mason did not seem concerned, but she will continue her meds for another 2 months. She is 28.5 inches long in the 80th percentile and head circumference is 17.5 inches, steady at the 50th percentile.

After seeing the pedi, we went to Whole Foods. K experienced sitting in a shopping cart for the first time. Mommy decided she is going to invest in a shopping cart cover since she's a germaphobe.

The next day, K went exploring in the kitchen which is usually off limits. Once in awhile she will sneak past us. This is what we caught her doing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Etched In Stone

Last year Giants fans were able to purchase a personalized engraved brick to commemorate the 2010 World Championship. This is what Daddy decided to inscribe:

The significance of "an amazing year" was not only did the Giants win the World Series, but it was also the year Mommy found out she was preggo with Katelyn. Oh and Mommy & Daddy got married as well in 2010! What a year!  K was exposed to the Giants at an early age when she was still in the womb (12 weeks old). Mommy & Daddy had taken the day off work to witness the World Champion parade.

The brick was Daddy's Father's Day gift. If you are ever at the game and wonder where our brick is located. It is at the Seals Plaza next to the Marina Gate.

We met up with Uncle Pete and checked out his brick too. He has a prime spot in the front by the Willie Mays statue.

We can't wait for the season to begin! Go Giants!

After the stadium, K and Court went shopping at downtown, SF. When they saw one another, they gave each other some friendly affection. K & C took naps in the their strollers while their mommies shopped. The Daddies pushed their girls around and many people asked them "are you on kid duty?" Thanks Daddies!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Girl

K has graduated from the sippy cup to drinking out of a straw. It took her a few tries to get the hang of it, but she can do it.  Thanks Auntie Ali for recommending the cup!

K is proud of herself for being able to do it as well!

Another new thing she has learned is how to brush her own hair. She picked up the brush off the coffee table one day and just started putting it against her hair and has done it several times since.

Lastly over the weekend, Po Po and Gung Gung wanted to see if K could climb up the stairs. Gung Gung is spotting her along the way. Here's a short clip taken from Daddy's iphone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

9 Months Old!

Every since K saw Gung Gung stick out his tongue, she does it all day long. Mommy really hopes she breaks this habit!

Finally a decent picture of her without her tongue sticking out!

At 9 months, K is able to pull herself up to stand. Check out the following pics to follow her progression:
We won't be taking anymore pics from this spot. It's getting a little dangerous on the rocking chair- now that K can climb and stand.