Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tristan's 1st Birthday

K's buddy, Tristan had a party at his new house in Sunset for his 1 year old birthday party. He had the coolest candle we have ever seen on a cake. His Po Po brought it back from China.

T got some help from mommy and daddy to blow out his candles.

T's house had a playroom for all his friends that came over. K and Court had a grand old time playing with the jack in the box. I stole this pic from Auntie Ali's camera.

Thanks for having us over T! He gave a big fat goodbye kiss.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Galore

Daddy suspects K is going to crawl soon. Lately she has been getting on all fours and trying to move back and forth.

K was a busy girl on Thanksgiving day. She had many people to see and visit. Her first stop was Auntie Shirely and Uncle Rob's house. In this pic is Nate, Auntie Alice, Ry & Uncle Ken.

Second stop was great grandma's house. She hung out with many of Daddy's extended family. Uncle Kevin and Auntie Tiffany gave K a stroller since their kids Kayln and Rayden are older now.

Great Grandma was happy to have all the kids in one picture. From left to Right is Ryan, Rayden, Kayln, Ethan, and unfortunately Evan got cut off.

The last stop was Auntie Michelle's house. She cooked a really tender and juicy turkey which she marinated and let sit in the fridge for 5 days! 

Due to all the excitement on Thanksgiving, K was pretty knocked out during her naps the following days. What a funny girl, she always has to grab something.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Over the weekend, K met Santa for the first time. We beat the holiday crowds, luckily there was no one in line. K didn't cry when she sat on Santa's lap but she kept looking at him. At one point she had this puzzling look on her face like, "who is this guy?"

We purchased two 5x7 (the cheapest package!) and on the bottom of the picture was a link that directed you to a website where you can make holiday cards. On there I found a free download button, so here's K's second pose.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seat At The Grown-up Table

Yesterday we had dinner with Auntie Mai and Uncle Brian. K sat in a booster chair for the first time.
 We ate Shanghai dumplings while she had sweet potatoes and pears. I'm telling her to open wide.

K is getting to be a big girl. She is pulling on the crib bumper and trying to pull herself up from the railing of the crib. It's time to lower her crib.

Daddy thought K's outfit was a blast from the past. He said she looks like she is about to disco. I got her pants from Gymboree for five bucks and the shirt was a gift.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's For Dinner?

It's been a little less than 3 weeks that we have been feeding K solids. Initially she was not too fond of eating. She would turn her head and close her mouth shut or swat at the spoon. That's my feisty girl! :) Last weekend Po Po came over and tried feeding K and she actually ate more than 3 bites. Po Po must have the magic touch. It's true as well that it takes K a little time to like things, but we are happy to see that she is starting to enjoy eating.



Avocado mustache

Auntie Stef came over and got the opportunity to feed K dinner as well. We haven't seen her in awhile. She was amazed how fast K is growing up! We love seeing her and hope to see her more in the new year.

Now that K is eating more, she needs to keep up her baby figure by taking some time to exercise. Here is her jazzercise video.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Thanks Auntie Lauren for my stylish pea coat! Now I'm ready for winter.

K's vogue pose

She enjoys playing with her piano.

 K entertaining herself at the doctor's office by looking at herself in the mirror again.

K is not a very nice friend! When Ashley was crying, she would laugh each time.

Thanks Po Po for watching K when Daddy and I had to run a quick errand to buy some new pants for K. She is growing longer by the day and her pants are starting to look like floods on her.

Happy 30th birthday Uncle Derek! Auntie Gabby and baby Sebastian came to celebrate as well. 

We paid a visit to Auntie Mariam and Abby who is 2 years old. K and A are twinsies with their sage color shirts.

Daylight savings is non existent to Daddy and Mommy. We weren't able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep. Despite being extremely tired, we were happy to go to K's crib and find a smiling face greeting us. K spent the extra hour sitting up and reading books. I guess we can say it was productive.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ready for Solids

Now that K is six months old, we got the green light from Dr. Mason to feed her solids. He told us to start off by giving her rice cereal.  Check out her video of her first bites of food.

K examining her food to make sure it's edible and fit for her palate before taking another bite.

I wonder who's having more fun during feeding time: Daddy or Katelyn?

After finishing breakfast this morning, K wonders what's on the menu next? Dr. Mason said K can try a new food every four days to make sure she has no allergic reactions to them. Stay tuned to see what she eats next!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

6 months old

I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Just yesterday I remember K was in my tummy kicking away and now she is 1/2 a year old!! It's amazing to see how much she has developed in the last couple of months, but at moments I want to freeze time and keep her as my baby. Here's her monthly photo shoot. At 6 months she can no longer sit still. Is that a mischievous look arising? I smell trouble.

She no longer wants to share the spotlight with Mr. Bear.

But one thing hasn't changed...she is still all giggles and smiles.