Thursday, November 29, 2012

Up & Down

K can go up and down on the stairs like a grown-up. She gets quite a work out. Check it out.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Feasts

Last Tuesday the teachers in K's classroom hosted a donut breakfast for the parents. Mommy and Daddy were given a Thanksgiving place mat made by K of her handprint. It came wrapped in tissue and ribbon. This is K's first piece of artwork she has brought home.

K attended many turkey feasts. It started off at Auntie Diane's house last week. Unfortunately no pictures were captured. On Thanksgiving Day Auntie Shirley and Uncle Rob hosted lunch. K loved the homemade cranberry sauce. Before lunch K played on a piano for the first time.

Courtney and K decided to do a duet.

Baby Emi is already 6 months! Where did the time go? She is the happiest baby ever. She let anyone hold her and had a smile on her face at all times.

Group picture with the Mommies and their kiddies.

Nate trying to do a handstand.

For dinner K went to great grandma's house. K was trying to say cheese during the photo.

During the break K went to the children's museum in Oakland. She played with the firetruck structure, wind tunnel, filled up a toy shopping cart with veggies and climbed through tunnels.

She liked sweeping the leaves in the wind tunnel the best.

After the museum, K headed to Uncle Josh's wedding reception in SF, Chinatown. It was K's first time in Chinatown. She experienced the crowds of people packed like sardines in the street and old man spitting on the ground.

She passed by a store that had a Christmas tree hanging with stuffed pandas. She pointed and said "panda."

This is Uncle Josh's new wife, Auntie Jik. Daddy and Uncle Josh were roommates in college. The party had the best snacks- tater tots, chicken wings, sushi, and chex!

For dessert there was a tower of Golden gate Bakery egg tarts!!

It was dark by the time K left the reception, her new obsession is finding the moon in the sky. She points and say "moon."

On Sunday, Mommy and Daddy hosted Thanksgiving dinner for Gung Gung's side of the family.
 Josh and Christian were excited to see K.

Sebastian and Diego came too.

Sebastian is just a couple months younger than K. He is one of the most affectionate babies. He loves to cuddle.

K getting close to Joshie.

 Our chef for the night was Auntie Kristine. She always makes the most tasty dishes. She brined the turkey and it turned out pretty juicy.

Everyone made a dish.

Auntie Lety and Uncle Albert brought a festive cake. K feels very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to spend the holidays with! Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Let's Eat!

K really loves her new table and prefers it over her high chair.

She's is really good at feeding herself which makes it so much easy for Mommy and Daddy.

Daddy thought it would be funny to sit at K's table and eat dinner with her. Her favorite thing to eat is still noodles and veggies.

Teacher Steph went on vacation to Korea two weeks ago. When she returned, she had a gift for K. Mommy helped K open the present.

Inside was a black skirt with leggings. It's so warm since it's lined with fleece. It's perfect since the days are getting chilly. Thanks teacher Steph that was so thoughtful of you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bend It Like Beckham

There's a baby soccer player in the house...

Next time you see K ask her for a high five, handshake or fist bump. Her explosion still needs a little work.

K's hair is long enough to put in pigtails now.

She still has funny looking bangs though.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Business Trips

Mommy's job requires her to travel especially during this time of year. Mommy misses K every time she is away. Last week Mommy was away at a conference.  When she woke up, she got a text from Daddy with K's picture. It brightened Mommy's day.

Daddy took K himself to her 18 month check-up. Her new stats are:
-head circumference  18.5 inches (70th percentile)
-height 31.75 inches (50th percentile)
-weight 21.6 pounds (25th percentile)
Mommy can't believe K is already 1 1/2 years old!  Daddy kept K entertained with a pen and paper while waiting for Dr. Mason. K is really into cheesing for pictures these days!

Daddy got rewarded with an all expense paid trip for two to NYC from work, so K stayed with Po Po and Gung Gung for 3 days. Mommy signed K up for a free music class. Po Po said K really enjoyed it. During circle time K was the only baby that didn't stay with her parents and danced by herself in the middle of the circle.

Uncle Derek came to play with K every day after work. Daddy bought K many new toys. She had a tea party with Uncle Derek.

Po Po and Gung Gung took K on walks, K played with Ashley who lives 2 blocks away, she went to the park and read books.

In NYC, Daddy's work arranged for the attendees to go on a movie set tour on the last day.  Does this building look familiar? It's where Rachel and Monica lived on the tv show,  Friends.

Thanks Po Po and Gung Gung for taking care of K! Mommy and Daddy's trip wouldn't have been possible without you! We love you!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Too Short!!!

K got her first haircut last weekend. Her bangs are pretty long to the point it hit her eye and she keeps rubbing her eyes. She would only wear clips for a few minutes before pulling them out of her hair. Last Saturday Mommy overheard another parent at swimming class say there is a kid salon across the street from the swim school that is really friendly and fast, so Mommy and Daddy decided to spontaneously go after class. K sat on Daddy's lap. Mommy asked for a bang trim and not to cut too much!

K did not like getting her bangs trimmed one bit.

Within 5 minutes the hair was snipped and she was done.

 She survived and it doesn't look too bad right!

But is what it really looked like once her hair dried.  Sorry K :( Everyone has to go through a bad haircut one time or another. Mommy can't wait until it grows back!

 Last weekend we also celebrated great grandma's 88th birthday.

 During the day Mommy and Daddy met K's new friend Adam. K had to stay in the waiting room since she had the sniffles.

Adam slept the entire time Mommy was there and was such a good baby. We will have to visit again once K is over her cold so she can hug her new friend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gymboree Time!

Monday is Gymboree day at school. Mommy didn't have any meetings in the morning, so she stayed to see what goes on during class. It started with singing on top of the mirror.

 This week the theme was circles.  The kids rolled back and forth on the big circle before climbing through the tunnel.

K screamed for joy when Mommy met her at the end of the tunnel.

The kids took turns putting balls through the innertube.

K loved bouncing up and own on the innertube because it reminded her of the motorboat song during swimming. She said "Mo Mo" when the tube was brought out.

The parachute song and bubbles seemed to be a favorite among all the infants and toddlers.

K tried popping each bubble as she saw them.

At the end of the class, each baby got a kiss on the head from Rango the puppet.

Zoe is K's bff at school. Teacher Steph is her primary teacher as well. K lucked out since her primary only has a 2:1 ratio whereas the other teachers have 3 kids. Teacher Steph tells Mommy- Zoe and K play together and follow each other around every day.

Zoe greets K with a hug each morning when she enters the classroom. She's 2 months younger than K.

K's new word lately is MINE! She screams it at the top of her lungs when she is playing with a toy and someone takes it from her. It's good that she can stand up for herself but not so good that she is so possessive and doesn't want to share. She also doesn't like when Mommy holds other babies and starts whining when Daddy hugs Mommy. K pushes Daddy away. She has definitely developed a jealous streak.