Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Richard came over.

K was in a picture taking mood.  She would point to the tree and say "picture" and ask each person to hold her. She took one with grandma.

One with grandpa.

Then with Uncle Richard.

And lastly a  family picture.

Christmas morning K was pretty spoiled with all the gifts from her auntie, uncles and friends.  Thank you to all of them! Now that she is older, it is fun to watch her tear open gifts. Her new obsession is dolls, so she got one for Christmas.

She started looking at the elmo book right away.

Mommy and Daddy opened a gift from K. She made them a hand print ornament at school.

After tearing gifts was stocking stuffers.

K reached in and found play dough and shape cutters.

In the afternoon it was off to Po Po and Gung Gung's house. Great Grandpa came to celebrate this year and flew in from San Diego. He's 91. 

Great Grandpa and a few of his grandkids.
 K hung with the big boys. She gets so much attention from them. They love taking care of her. Ashely was missing from the pic since she was napping.

Before dinner, Sebastian and K had a tea party.

This has to be the most presents ever during Christmas. There's still more bags and presents behind the tree too.

One big happy family!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Uncle Ken & Auntie Becca hosted a holiday dinner. There was plenty of yummy food like Auntie Christine's chicken wings, Auntie Ali's peppermint cookies, Auntie Becca's pasta salad and Uncle Dave brought Golden Gate Bakery dan tats for dessert. After dinner the parents snapped a pic of the kiddies.

This was off Uncle Pete's iphone.

Earlier that day, Mommy had fun with the camera and took some pics at Po Po and Gung Gung's house. Can you tell how attached K is to Po Po?

Three generations....

School requested Daddy and Mommy to bring a family pic to put up in the classroom. Since K didn't have any recent pics, Gung Gung helped us out and was our photographer.

 Speaking of school here' a pic of Teacher Lina and Raylen.

Mommy and Daddy waited until the last minute to visit Santa. When we got to the mall, Santa was just going on his break, so instead of sitting on his lap K wrote him a letter. Happy Christmas Eve!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Playdate

Saturday K spent the night at Gung Gung and Po Po's house and Daddy and Mommy went to see Skyfall. The next morning K went out to dim sum. She got there at 10 right when the doors open so no waiting in line! She was so well behaved in her high chair and didn't try to get out once like she normally does.  Mommy was really proud of her. The food pretty much kept her contained. She loved the pork buns, daikon cake and siu mai.

Later that evening, K went to Jame's house for a playdate. She loved playing with his Sesame Street drum.

James is one month younger than K but so much bigger. He's such a handsome boy!

 The kids were allowed to open 1 gift each. James seems to like his new bath toys.

K opened a gift from Auntie Stef.

She was very careful when tearing off the paper. She would tear a piece at a time and put it down gently.

Auntie Stef gave K a boost so she could do her first pull up.

K is thinking- boy this is way harder than the monkey bars!

Group photo with Uncle Jason taking the picture.

 Uncle Jason's turn to be in the pic. Thanks for having us over Auntie Lilian and Uncle Dan and thanks James for letting K play with your toys!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Children's Discovery Museum

Last weekend Courtney invited K to the Children's Discovery Museum. The girls gave hugs and held hands when they saw each other.

Court showed K the ropes and headed to the the water exhibit.

Good thing Auntie Ali told Mommy to bring K an extra change of clothes. She ended up getting pretty wet even down to her socks.

K has become pretty possessive these days. When Uncle Pete helped push K's stroller, K was not happy at all. At school she can be pretty bossy as well. Teacher Marirose has taught K to say "space" and put her hand up when her friends are going to take her toys.

K and C built blocks together. K has a mischievous look on her face before she is about to tip the blocks over.

After the museum it was off to Christmas in the Park.

The girls enjoyed looking at the lights.

The park had such pretty decorations.

K is becoming more independent. She can squeeze toothpaste on her toothbrush herself.

She doesn't want any help from Daddy and shows she can brush her teeth herself.

K is rockstar with her sunglasses Auntie Lilian gave them to her. She looks for them when she comes home and puts them on everyday.

 K is definitely Mommy's child. When she was at Whole Foods the other day, she took the plastic bag Mommy was holding and wrapped the handle bar of the shopping cart. She must be a germaphobe too!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it's time to put up the tree. K hung ornaments for the first time.

She reached above to hang the ornament as high as she could reach.

The funny thing about this girl was every time she put an ornament up, she would take it back down.

Over the weekend, K attended Tristan's 2nd b-day party. T grew up so fast and talks so much now!
When K walked through the door, T immediately gave K a hug. It's been a while since they have seen each other.

T was generous with a kiss too.

He goes in for another, but not sure how K feels about that.

T is so friendly. You can't see Court in the pic but when she arrived, T tried to give the 2 girls a group hug.

T has the coolest candles. This one is from Mexico.

Each of the guest got a sugar cookie with their intial and the number 2 as a party favor. Auntie Lauren is so creative.

Last week K met baby Greysen. She lives 5 mins away.

The girls checking each other out. K looks forward to more playdates since Baby G lives so close!
K met another friend baby Adam. He is only 1 month old.  He was such a good baby. He slept the entire time we were there. His parents got to enjoy their dinner. K was really intrigued by Adam and watched him sleep. She waved hi to him and touched his face gently.

But she was not gentle when she tried rocking him to sleep. K can't wait to see all her friends again soon!