Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bugatorium & Celebrations

Last week K's school hosted a bugatorium.

They transferred the lobby into a center to learn about different bugs. The kids painted the decorations for the tree.

Different little toy bugs were spread out on the real grass for kids to explore.

Teachers sang songs with the children so they could learn about the bugs.

K made her own grassy area with bugs to take home. She was quite proud of her work!

K took Daddy to an early Father's Day brunch.

She made Daddy a card at school. Daddy really liked the Giants bat in the picture.

After brunch K went to the San Mateo County Fair. This fair had sloths and crocodiles which Mommy has never seen at a fair before.

She played some of the carnival games like catching fish.

For her prize she picked a penguin. She picked him since he was pink. Can you tell how much she loves the color pink by the way she is dressed?

The second game she played was catching the ducks in a net. She picked another penguin as a prize which she sleeps with at night.

And no fair would be complete without K wanting to ride the merry-go round. She rode it 3 times with Daddy.

These days K always wants to carry her back pack every where she goes. Thanks for the gift Auntie Alice and Uncle John!

Later that evening K helped grandma celebrate her birthday.

Sunday was Father's Day celebration with Gung Gung. K posed with her silly face with Gung Gung. They have the best time together and are always laughing.

K hung out with E and Ashley too.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Action Packed Weekend

Last weekend was the annual Genentech concert. The acts that performed were Demi Lovato, Train, Nickeleback and Pitbull. It was a fun time as usual with all you can eat free ball park food.  

K enjoyed the concert from the club level and grooved to the sounds of Pitbull.

Adam was at the concert too. His parents got him ear phones just in case it was too loud.

After the concert was hot pot at Auntie Diane's. K helped make sugar cookies by mixing the batter with Ethan.

She got to put the sprinkles on as well.

Ayumi had her first year birthday party at Scribble Me Happy, an art studio for kids.

One of the activities for the party was handmade ornaments. K poked the holes.

 K met Kyle for the first time. He is 2 weeks.

She was really intrigued by him and tried to touch him and kiss him.

 Emma and K had a lot of fun reading books on Emma's new bed.

What a busy weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

K practiced riding her new trike at the nearby school which has a lot of open space. She had a lot of fun and even gained some speed towards the end. She's getting to be such a big girl!

She needs to work on her steering skills to go straight, but she didn't seem to mind going in circles.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

Mommy left K alone for a few minutes to load the laundry. When she returned, she found K had dumped all the trash out and used the garbage can as a drum.  This was a little on the naughty side, but K gets points for being clever and using her imagination!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Fun

Mommy is slower these days in updating the blog. Over Memorial Day K went to Uncle Will's house warming bbq in Concord. He had a huge backyard where he raises his own chickens. They apparently are friendly chickens that don't peck.

One of K's favorite thing to eat is corn. She was chomping away at the bbq.

Uncle Will lives fairly close to Pixieland a kid's amusement park.

K of course had to ride the merry go round. She is obsessed and asks every weekend to go on a merry go round.

There was a duck pond outside of the park so Mommy brought bread for K to feed the ducks.

 K couldn't throw that far, so this duck was the closest and got fed the most.

The next morning K helped in the kitchen by making pancakes for Sunday brunch.

She enjoyed playing her Sesame street matching card game. She got excited when she found two Oscars or Elmos. She doesn't quite get the concept yet. She opens all the cards until she finds the matching one.

This past weekend, K went on a shopping trip to Costco. She loved the samples especially the meatballs and yogurt. She kept asking for seconds.

Daddy finally built the trike that Po Po and Gung Gung got K for her birthday. K insisted on helping.

Afterwards Court and her family joined K at the Foster City Wine and Art Festival. There was a carnival with rides. Can you guess which ride K asked to go on? Uncle Peter taught K to do the thumbs up.

Court enjoyed sitting on the bench with her Mommy.

Mason came over the next day. The two got some sun while sitting on the grass.

This is an older pic. K and her family had a blast walking and swinging in the air.

During pick up today, Mommy found K and Charlie sitting in the wagon. Teachers in the Squirrels use to call Charlie K's boyfriend but Charlie has moved on to older girls since he has been in the Raccoons.