Sunday, February 12, 2012

Etched In Stone

Last year Giants fans were able to purchase a personalized engraved brick to commemorate the 2010 World Championship. This is what Daddy decided to inscribe:

The significance of "an amazing year" was not only did the Giants win the World Series, but it was also the year Mommy found out she was preggo with Katelyn. Oh and Mommy & Daddy got married as well in 2010! What a year!  K was exposed to the Giants at an early age when she was still in the womb (12 weeks old). Mommy & Daddy had taken the day off work to witness the World Champion parade.

The brick was Daddy's Father's Day gift. If you are ever at the game and wonder where our brick is located. It is at the Seals Plaza next to the Marina Gate.

We met up with Uncle Pete and checked out his brick too. He has a prime spot in the front by the Willie Mays statue.

We can't wait for the season to begin! Go Giants!

After the stadium, K and Court went shopping at downtown, SF. When they saw one another, they gave each other some friendly affection. K & C took naps in the their strollers while their mommies shopped. The Daddies pushed their girls around and many people asked them "are you on kid duty?" Thanks Daddies!

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