Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Afternoon Playdate

Auntie Mika & Uncle Wilson hosted a playdate over the weekend. Auntie Mika is having a baby girl in June! We can't wait to meet her! Yay for new friends to play with!

At the playdate, K met a new friend, Jarelyn (left) who is also 9 months old. Arianna (right) was there too. We haven't seen A since she was a couple weeks old and now she is 6 months! How time flies!

K was having lunch while her friends sat next to her. Next time she will make sure to bring more, so she can share.

Uncle Will thinks whenever he holds babies they will start crying, but look he's a pro! No tears from K or A!

Arianna was kind enough to let K try her hair clip. Can you believe it K actually has hair to clip!! Mommy knows what to buy next time she goes shopping!

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  1. Katelyn and her friends are TOO cute! Love the lace headband on her!